Bobbi Kristina’s “Death Photo” Adds Fuel To Fire In The Brown-Houston Feud


It seems that the Brown – Houston family feud isn’t ending anytime soon. The two families have always had nothing but the worst to say about each other, and now that Bobbi Kristina’s “death photo” is circulating the presses, things are getting even worse. Not only was the photo sold to the press unkown to any of the two family members (and obviously without their consent), but it was sold for a whooping $100,000!

Is nothing sacred? It seems not as the details of the transaction are yet unkown. We don’t even know who revealed the info about how much was paid for the photo, but the burial ceremony wasn’t without tension either – Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah walked out of the church during the service. She said she was infuriated by the fact that Pat Houston, the sister-in-law and Whitney’s former manager was addressing the funeral.

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