Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Brother/Boyfriend Wanted To Kill Her?


Georgia police have opened a criminal investigation into the mysterious case of Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina who was found lying unconscious in a bathtub. Although she apparently suffered an overdose, the police will focus on Bobbi’s brother and boyfriend Nick Gordon. Namely, Gordon was Houston’s adoptive son.

After Houston’s former friend Michelle Gordon said she didn’t want to care for him, the famous singer felt sorry for the then 12-year-old boy and decided to raise him like he was her own. However, Gordon fell in love with Bobbi over time and threatened other boys who wanted to date her. After Houston’s untimely death in 2012, the two became involved in a volatile relationship. Of course, Bobbi’s family didn’t approve of them dating and they soon became estranged.

In the meantime, Gordon and Bobbi announced on social media that they were married. This week, the former New Edition singer’s lawyer confirmed the marriage never existed. That means that Gordon will not inherit Bobbi’s fortune, which a source revealed could swell to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Bobbi Kristina is brain dead, but remains on life support. It is not believed that she has a will.

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