Blac Chyna Wants Rob Kardashian To Get In Shape


Rob Kardashian is in love and he wants to get back in shape quickly. The Kardashian has struggled with his weight for some time and even battled depression. Now that he is happily in love and engaged to his model fiance Blac Chyna, he is committed to trimming down and his lady love is going to help him do it.

We all know that Chyna has a banging body, so she knows all about fitness and staying in shape. She is going to be leading Rob through her own “boot camp” and promises that she will help him lose in between 40 and 50 pounds by her birthday. Chyna‘s birthday is in five weeks, by the way.

Chyna took a Snapchat of Kardashian getting on a scale and weighing 248.4 pounds. In the video, she asks his permission to train him every day for the next five weeks so that he can lose that weight. She latered posted another Snapchat in which Rob was seen running on a treadmill and putting in the work. According to the celebrity couple, they would like him to be at in between 200 and 210 pounds in five weeks. Will he be able to do it? Anything is possible when you’re in love!

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