Bill Murray Pays Tribute To Ghostbuster Co-Star Harold Ramis


Legendary actor Bill Murray has paid tribute to his longtime associate and frequent collaborator Harold Ramis. Murray’s Ghostbuster co-star died yesterday.

Bill was the latest member of the Ghostbusters crew to share his condolences after the legendary actor and writer passed away from a rare blood disease at the age of 69.

Murray issued a statement saying, “Harold Ramis and I together did the National Lampoon Show off Broadway, Meatballs, Stripes, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day. He earned his keep on this planet. God bless him.”

Even though the duo reached major success in the 1980s and 1990s with a series of comedy masterpieces, Ramis revealed in a 2009 dialogue with that he and Murray hadn’t spoken to each other since 1993’s Groundhog Day due to an unknown dispute on set, and maintained a “no social relationship whatsoever”.

Dan Aykroyd also expressed his condolences in a statement released in The Hollywood Reporters that reads, “I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of my brilliant, gifted, funny friend, co-writer/performer and teacher Harold Ramis. May he now get the answers he was always seeking.”

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