Bill Cosby Is Going To Get Grilled


It seems that Bill Cosby will no longer be able to hide behind legal loopholes and that he will finally need to answer questions he probably doesn’t want to face. Namely, the California Supreme Court has given Gloria Allred green light to question Cosby over his “nasty” past.

Allred represents Judy Huth, a woman who was only 15 forty years ago when Cosby allegedly sexually assaulted her while visiting the Playboy Mansion. As the Supreme Court allowed the civil suit to proceed, Allred is bent on getting every single detail from Cosby.

She plans on grilling him about 37 (up to this point) women who have come forward claiming that the famous comedian assaulted them or sexually harassed in any number of ways. She also intends to make his deposition public and reveal the entire sordid story.

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