Big Sean Talks Amazing Chemistry With Ariana Grande


Although Big Sean and Ariana Grande still haven’t made their relationship official, the two have been expressing their feelings towards one another in several interviews.

Lately, Big Sean revealed they have amazing chemistry and said the two plan to work together again.

“I performed there with Ariana, so that was an honour. [We] make a lot of music together and the chemistry between me and her when we work is great. I feel like her voice is crazy, [just] that that big voice comes out of her is insane…I was probably one of the first people to tweet about her music; me and her been friends for years before anything else.”

However, when asked about their future collaborations, the hip hop artist didn’t want to spoil the surprise they have in store for the public.

“You’ve got to wait and see. I can’t spill the beans.”

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