Bieber’s Buddy Lil Twist In Trouble With Law


Even though Justin Bieber seems to have changed his ways and is staying on the right side of the law, his buddy Lil Twist isn’t following his friend’s lead. According to reports, the would-be rapper has been charged with six felonies. According to police reports, Twist broke into actor Kyle Massey’s home and didn’t leave until he finished not only assaulting Massey and his brother, but also stealing some of his stuff.

So now the L.A. Country District Attorney is charging Lil Twist with burglary, grand theft, making criminal threats, battery and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

This entire incident dates back to November of last year. Reportedly, Twist and some of his friend were hanging out at Massey’s home, but an argument went down and the Masseys ended up kicking Twist and his buddies out. Twist and his buddies then returned, broke into the home, beat up Kyle’s brother with brass knuckles and humiliated him by pulling his pants down and stealing his wallet and phone.

All I Wanted Was Some Chips!

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