Bieber Found Guilty Of Assault, Driving Violations


Canadian superstar Justin Bieber was found guilty by a Ontario court for careless driving and assault. However, just as the case is with most celebrities, he’s not going to do any time.

Really, all he has to do is pay a fine of $750 Canadian dollars, which is about $600 American dollars. He probably had that much money in his wallet at the time. Bieber said at his recent host that this period of recklessness is behind him and that he has changed his ways. This incident was one of several during the summer last year for Bieber.

He was also arrested for a DUI and resisting arrest in Miami, which resulted in him taking some anger management courses and doing some community service. He also had to pay a fine for egging a neighbors house last year, which did cost him a pretty penny – about $80,000.

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