Bieber Begs For Forgiveness In New Video


Justin Bieber has been behaving like a real jerk lately. He’s been in all sorts of trouble, including legal issues with an Argentinian court, not to mention hours and hours of community service and anger management classes he was forced to attend due to various misdemeanor and felony charges.

This is why the video he posted on Wednesday came as a surprise. In what looks like a sincere, heartfelt confession, Bieber apologizes to everyone and says that he will definitely change his ways. He doesn’t want to live like this anymore and he is trying to change, or so he says, adding that during this troubled period of his life, he has been covering up his feelings.

The video came after an uncomfortable interview taping for the Ellen DeGeneres show, in which Bieber appeared in a bad mood and extremely nervous, answering Ellens questions with short and unfriendly answers.

Biebs says that it is important to understand that he doesn’t want to be a person who just says “I don’t give a f**k.”

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