Beyoncé’s Dad Doesn’t Pay His Taxes


Earlier this month, we wrote about Beyoncé’s dad Matthew Knowles scamming people out of their hard-earned cash by giving “Being Beyoncé” lessons. He charged two hundred bucks for a one-day experience that involved talking to big names in showbiz (mostly behind-the-scenes people) and we are sure he made some serious cash.

His only problem is that a small, insignificant organization that likes to call itself the Internal Revenue Service also got wind of his “business,” for which he ‘forgot’ to pay taxes. We should probably point out that they are actually raining down the all so familiar IRS hellfire on him for his similar entrepreneurial ventures from 2013.

More precisely, the IRS wants $220,000 from Matthew. Combined with his previous tax-related issues, he owes more than $1.4 to the IRS. Is Bey about to bail out her daddy?

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