Beyonce, Jay Z marriage in Peril Because of Unfaithful Rapper


According to an article in Life & Style, the celebrated marriage between the two biggest stars in the hip-hop world, Beyonce and Jay Z, might be coming to an end.

It seems that not even having the hottest chick on the planet is enough for the mogul rapper, who apparently can’t stay away from other women.

Of course, there have also been rumors of a relationship between Beyonce and her bodyguard Julian de Boer, but Jay Z definitely has a great penchant for getting into trouble, according to the rumors.

Jay Z is apparently a compulsive cheater according to sources, and has slept with Rihanna, Rita Ora, the former Miss Belgium, and the list goes on and on.

Some say that Jay Z asks women for their phone numbers on a regular basis and that he hardly ever spends his nights in the same home as Beyonce anymore. The rapper is also suspicious of de Boer and many reports have claimed that he is incredible jealous, which is making him lash out and cheat even more.

There have also been sources who claim that Jay Z has father a bunch of other children all around the globe. Some say that Beyonce has known about these indiscretions for a long time and that she is finally getting fed up with it and trying to find the courage to end the marriage. If they break up, Kanye West will probably be happy to have the shadow and allow him and his new bride Kim Kardashian to shine even more.

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