Beyoncé And Jay-Z Renew Their Wedding Vows Amid Divorce Rumors


Apparently, nothing can stop Beyoncé and Jay-Z.  The power couple has decided to renew their wedding vows and say ‘I do’ a second time while traveling Europe, despite the constant rumors that they are having serious marriage troubles.

Those rumors have been circulating for months.  Sceptics believed that they would split after their highly successful On the Run tour, but Bey and Jay-Z proved everyone wrong.

It all started when a video of Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles appeared on the Internet, in which she attacked Jay-Z in an elevator.  Fans were shocked and speculated about the pair’s problems.

Naturally, enormous pressure was put on their marriage, but they managed to overcome all obstacles.  In addition, they always seemed perfectly happy in public.

Whatever issues they had to deal with, it appears they are back on track.

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