Beverly Johnson Says Cosby Drugged Her Back In The 1980’s During Audition


Another day, another person coming out with a drugging and/or rape claim about Bill Cosby. This time, it is the famous model Beverly Johnson, who wrote an account of what happened for Vanity Fair.

According to her, back in the 1980’s, at the peak of The Cosby Show’s popularity, Coz called Johnson and asked if she wanted to audition for the show. There were two auditions – the first one was legit, with other people around, but with the second one there was something a bit off.

Cosby and Johnson had dinner at his home in NYC and when she was about to do the audition, in which she was supposed to act drunk, Cosby insisted she had a cappuccino. As soon as she drank a few sips, Johnson realized she was drugged and started screaming at Cosby, who grabbed her by the arm and shoved her in a cab, sending her home.

Johnson said nothing about all this until now, but felt that she needed to speak out now that the drugging and rape accusations are pouring in.

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