Bette Midler Wants Kim Kardashian To Put Her Nudity To Good Use


After unintentionally starting an online feud with Kim Kardashian, Bette Midler is bent on making things right. However, the award-winning actress and singer isn’t concerned about her relationship with the reality star.

Instead, she wants to motivate the most famous Kardashian sister to use her controversial naked selfie for charity. She urged Kanye West’s wife to ‘put her selfie to work,’ providing a link to her charity Stages for Success, which aims to remodel auditoriums in public schools for kids who want to dedicate themselves to performing.

Midler also pointed out that she would match the donations 2-1. A photoshopped picture of Midler holding a cardboard sign over her half-naked body was attached to the tweet. Before she made this proposition and asked the mother of two for a donation, Midler answered Kardashian’s tweet from Monday, in which she asked the actress for her nude pictures, saying that she’d send them but ‘the lighting’s bad right now since she threw all that shade.’

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