Benedict Cumberbatch Talks About Tom Hiddleston

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Benedict Cumberbatch talked to his friend Simon Mayo on BBC Radio 5.

Most of the interview was about ‘The Imitation Game’. However, Mayo then asked Benedict about Tom Hiddleston. And then the fun started.

The whole interview is worth listening to (below),

Here’s an excerpt from Radio Times.

““That old bore,” said Cumberbatch when Hiddleston’s name came up. On the subject of his Shere Khan voice, Cumberbatch joked: “Oh for Christ’s sake, can’t he just leave off mypatch for one split second?”

Asked if his version is better than Hiddleston’s, the star replied: “Clearly. I got the role. What more proof is there than that?”

Adopting a more serious demeanour, he added: “Look I don’t like competing with Tom. He is too much of a dear friend. There are loads of friends, including him…we will have crossovers with classical roles and reprisals.”

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