Ben Affleck Exceeds Expectations In New Batman Movie


If you take a moment to remember the public’s reaction over two years ago when it was announced that Ben Affleck would have the honor of portraying the caped crusader in the new Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, you know that the majority of people said that the film would be awful because of Affleck. Some said that he simply wasn’t good enough for the role while others claimed they would rather spend two hours watching a pitch black screen than waste their time on something as horrible as Affleck portraying Batman. 

Well, guess what – Affleck kicked some serious behinds, and we can only imagine how surprised audiences were during the premiere of the movie. It’s also important to mention that Affleck worked really hard in order to fit into the superhero physique. He said it was extremely difficult and that it required his full commitment. To quote him:

“The most difficult thing about making this movie, honestly, was the physical aspect. Having to be in the gym every day, six in the morning … I wasn’t used to that kind of workout regimen.”

While box office details are yet to be made official, it’s quite obvious that the film will be a huge success. The reactions on the Internet are overwhelmingly positive, with folks praising Affleck’s performance. The latest celebrity gossip news is that he’s the ultimate superhero, which definitely hasn’t been easy to achieve since the previous Batman was Christian Bale, who did a phenomenal job.

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