Barnaby Joyce Compares Johnny Depp, Amber Heard’s Apology Video To Godfather Audition


If you have seen Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s apology video, then you know why the Internet is comparing it to hostage clips or videos made in North Korea. Now, the celebrity couple may be able to ignore social media, but chances are that they are not too happy with Australian Agriculture MinisterBarnaby Joyce’s comments about, to quote him, the ‘atrocious movie.’

Joyce, who threatened to kill the celebrity couple’s Yorkshire terriers Pistol and Boo, poked fun at the duo, saying that Depp looked like he was ‘auditioning for the Godfather.’ Of course, this was not a compliment, as Joyce concluded that the Hollywood legend won’t win an Academy Award for his dreadful performance in the video. On the other hand, he stressed that all that matters is that millions of people worldwide are now talking about Australia and their laws, adding that people who come in their country and don’t obey their laws will be in serious trouble.

Joyce also told Channel 7 that he was not impressed with Johnny’s performance, urging the actor to ‘do it again, do it with gusto mate, a little gusto.’


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