Bad Boys 3 Confirmed By Lawrence


There have been talks of Bad Boys 3 happening for some time now, but it seems that there is now finally some concrete news on the subject.

Martin Lawrence, who co-stars with Will Smith in the famed cop buddy movie series, confirmed in an interview recently that it’s definitely going to happen.

He was already hinting on it a month ago, stating on social media that the second installment of the movie series turned 11 years old recently, and asked Smith if he was ready to do another one.

Lawrence confirmed that he has talked with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and that he confirmed for him that there is a script in the works for Bad Boy 3 already. There has been talk about it for some time now, but is seems that scheduling problems always stopped the project from proceeding. According to both Lawrence, and Bruckheimer, it appears that everyone is on board and excited about the third part of the series.

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