“Back To The Future” Actually Got A Lot Of Things Right For 2015


Y’all surely remember sitting home after a family lunch and watching those old classic movies that everyone knows. Back To The Future is one of those movies, and guess what – today’s the day that Marty and Doc are coming from the past.

You might remember the scene when Marty’s talking to some people and they’re wearing these ‘spacey’ outfits and metal helmets that resemble pots (hey, movie budgets were a pain in the backside in 1985). We’re not actually wearing any of that, but they did guess some things. Like video conference calling. There’s a scene where Marty’s talking with a colleague using a video call. That was pretty futuristic back then, and now everyone has Skype on their smartphones and they can use the Internet to video call anyone.

There’s also a scene where a door is opened with the use of fingerprint encryption. This is available today to some high-profile companies that protect the most important of things (like the Coca-Cola recipe, for instance), but we, the common folk, are limited to unlocking our phones with our fingerprints. There are some other minor details they managed to guess, but it’s all mostly just for a good laugh. It sucks that we don’t have flying cars yet, though.


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