Aziz Ansari Shares His Awkward Texts To Blake Lively


Aziz Ansari shared with the Howard Stern Show all about his episodes involving texts to Blake Lively. Apparently, the Parks and Recreation star met Blake Lively at an event, where she initiated the contact by waving to him. He waved back, although he was convinced she couldn’t possibly be waving to him.

They started talking about food and finally exchanged phone numbers. Ansari texted her and asked if she was going to the Met Ball. She did not answer.

The night of the ball he texted again. Again, no answer. Another text, Lively still silent. Ansari texts yet again, something about Karl Lagerfeld and the Met Ball after party, and also wondered whether he’s got the right number (ouch!).

After a while, she answers in a quite neutral tone. Ansari’s next text goes unanswered, and so does his final text, which just says “Happy Holidays.” So there you go – celebs get into awful, embarrassing situations just like the rest of us!

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