Azealia Banks Attacks Man On Delta Flight (VIDEO)


Celebrities sometimes end up thinking that their fame and wealth make them untouchable, which is exactly what happened to Azealia Banks Monday night during her flight from New York to LAX. According to eyewitnesses, the moment the plane stopped, she tried to shove her way past a French pair to make it to the exit as fast as possible. The French man put his hand out, and that’s when she went completely berserk.

Although the video starts half-way through the conflict, eyewitnesses claim that Azealia first spit the man in his face, and then punched him and clawed his shirt. After the flight attendant showed up to calm her down, she refused to stay put and desperately tried to pull her bag from a man who was trying to prevent her from escaping. If that’s not enough, she then called the flight attendant names your mother would wash your tongue with soap for saying out loud, and tried to escape, dropping her phone in the process.

Lucky for her, the French pair have agreed not to press any charges, and we think it’s a shame – arrogant celebrities who misbehave and have no respect for other people whatsoever should be put in their place.

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