Axl Rose Asks Google To Remove “Fat Axl” Meme


Remember back in 2010 when the now legendary picture of a portly Axl Rose hit the Internet and was shared ad naseum? Well Rose is sick of it, and he wants that picture to disappear from the Internet for good.

The picture was taken at a show in Winnipeg, after which a heavy metal website called The Gauntlet saw the picture and ran with it, giving the news story a headline: OMFG Axl Rose is Fat.

Since then, thousands of memes have been created by Internet wise guys poking fun of the Guns N’ Roses singers apparent weight problem.

But Rose is completely fed up now it seems. No pun intended. The celebrity singer, who is currently on tour singing with another legendary band, AC/DC, wants the picture gone. According to reports, He and his legal team have sent tons of SMCA copyright notices to Google asking for the picture to br removed from countless sites.

Chances are, this isn’t going to end well for Axl. It’s viral media, you can’t control these things in 2016. Expect the memes to keep coming in, maybe even at a speedier rate now that Rose has expressed his displeasure with them.

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