Ashton Kutcher Remodels Mom’s Iowa Home


Hollywood heartthrob Ashton Kutcher really loves his mom. And to show how much he loves her, he took on a secret remodeling project and completely renovated her Iowa home just in time for Mother’s Day.

Kutcher, who recently became a dad for the first time, said that this has been a lifelong dream of his and that he wanted to say “thank you” to his mom for everything she has done for him.

He said that his mom has been one of the greatest influences in his life.

Doing all of the remodeling and planning from Hollywood, Kutcher used the home-remodeling app Houzz to iron out the details. Kutcher is one of the investors for the app and the remodeling project will be feature on their website.

The actor said that he wanted to update the space and to give the home more room, adding that there are going to be a lot of grandchildren running around there very soon. Very sweet.

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