Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Just Got Married


Ashton Kutcher is a pretty secretive guy. So it’s no surprise that no one knew that he and long time girlfriend Mila Kunis finally tied got married. Of course, there were reports that they had done this a while ago, but since Kutcher and Kunis had no intention of releasing any official information, it was all speculation.

However, now a source close to the couple has confirmed that they have in fact gotten married and are incredibly happy together.

As most know, Ashton and Kunis played love interests in the hit sitcom That 70s Show, which makes the union even cuter. Of course the ceremony was held in absolute secrecy.

The two have a child together, a baby girl that was born in October of last year.

This is Kunis’ first marriage, while Kutcher, as most everyone knows, was married earlier to the cougar of all cougars, Demi Moore.

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