As Always, The Internet Has The Best Reactions To The Interview


After the huge online backlash from The Interview being banned, the Sony movie company decided not just to allow the movie to be seen after all, but to offer it online, for $5.99. And it happened just before Christmas, so you have something to do while you’re digesting your holiday dinner.

The streaming of the movie, which was received with mixed reactions, drew so much attention that one Twitter user gave a special offer:

“For those of you watching #TheInterview at home, I’ll be driving door to door selling $18 bags of microwave popcorn and $10 cans of soda.” (@DJtakespictures).

Others chimed in on the hype:

“Apparently, the best way to get Americans to watch something is to tell them they cannot watch it. #TheInterview (@LiberalPaul).”

And there was, of course, that sarcasm that online communities can’t do without:

“I want to see the look on families faces that are joining together to watch #TheInterview in the name of freedom (@evancdavies). “

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