Ariana Grande Is Single Again!


Ariana Grande can’t seem to catch a break this week. After finding out that she was banned from ever performing at the White House because of her “doughnut controversy,” the celebrity singer also called it quits with her boyfriend Ricky Alvarez, Us Weekly reports.

The couple got together in July last year. Their relationship was made public thanks to a video in which Grande with her then-boyfriend Alvarez licked random doughnuts in a doughnut shop and talked about how they hated America.

Alvarez was a backup dancer in some of the singer’s videos, which is how they met, and they kept their relationship pretty intimate and away from the public eye. But, they were often spotted together at all the trendy parties and events, and never tried to hide just how much they’re into each other. It seems like yesterday that Grande was raving about her happy love life, but not much is left of the happy couple, though they seem to have ended things on good terms. We won’t jump to conclusions just yet, until the reason for the breakup is revealed.

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