Ariana Grande Apologizes For The Donut Thing Again


The story goes like this:

Ariana Grande goes for an emergency oral operation. A friend picks her up. They go to a donut shop. An employee puts some donuts on the counter. Ariana licks the donuts. Cameras film it. Ariana turns to Twitter to apologize. Makes a mess of her apology. People call her America-Hater.

Now, we get another chapter in the story. Namely, Ariana apparently figured out that she screwed up royally both with the donut-licking (which got the shop in a ton of trouble, btw) and with her initial apology. So, what did she do? She apologized again, this time in the form of a video. In it, she takes full responsibility for everything she has done.

Did she get it right this time? Watch the video and decide for yourself:

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