Are You Ready To Become Beyoncé?


It is a well-known fact that stars are not made in a vacuum. They need the support of their families, especially during the earliest days of their careers. Beyoncé’s parents sacrificed and invested a lot in their daughter and it worked out just fine for them.

In fact, it worked out so fine that her dad, Matthew Knowles is now offering classes in becoming Beyoncé. For the low price of $199, you can now attend a one-day boot camp that is supposed to be really great and valuable for budding singers, managers, dancers, composers and anyone else who would benefit from Beyoncification (the expression is our own concoction).

If you are ready to spring $299, you will also get a private lunch with Matthew and a photo op with him. One thing is for sure, Mr. Knowles knows how to make money out of thin air.

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