Are Nick Jonas And Selena Gomez A Thing Again?


A lot of people in Hollywood have been talking about Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez having dinner together recently. Obviously, many are wondering whether the former lovebirds are planning a reunion.

Of course, Jonas was asked about the dinner date, which took place in early July. And it wasn’t really a date.

According to Jonas, both he and Gomez were out on the town with friends. So they were walking around Venice with their own separate groups of friends and just happened to run into each other. So after talking for a bit, they decided that it would be a cool idea to go grab some dinner together.

And that’s exactly what happened. Jonas said that it was great and that it was awesome catching up with Gomez.

So he didn’t say anything about being an item again, but at the same time, he didn’t deny it either!

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