Are Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Dating?


Katie Holmes, ex-wife of Hollywood hotshot Tom Cruise, has reportedly been romantically involved with Jamie Foxx for almost a year-and-a-half, according to US Weekly magazine.

In addition to speculating about their romance, the mag has now obtained a photo of the lovebirds holding hands in February. It seems that the 36-year-old actress and 47-year-old actor are now ready to make things official, a source revealed to the magazine.

“Jamie is someone she can trust and have fun with. She’s getting everything from Jamie that she didn’t get with Tom [Cruise].”

However, People magazine claims that they want to keep their relationship casual for the time being.

“This is not some intense romance. Jamie and Katie are friends and have been for a long time. They are two adults who are attractive and single, and so apparently conclusions will be drawn. But contrary to those conclusions, they’re not about to run off and make some serious commitment.”

Only time can tell whether they are taking things to the next level or just having fun. What do you think? Are they even dating?


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