Anthony Horowitz Thinks Idris Elba Is “Too Street” For James Bond


In an interview with the Daily Mail, Anthony Horowitz, the most recent author chosen by the Ian Fleming estate to write a James Bond novel, may have spoken before he thought. Namely, he was asked about his opinion on Idris Elba taking the lead role in the next James Bond Movie, Trigger Mortis. Horowitz responded that although he has always admired Elba as an actor, he considers him to be “too street” for the role.

That’s not the best choice of words when speaking out publicly, especially for prominent tabloid newspapers like the Daily Mail. Although we still haven’t heard from Idris Elba on this matter, it’s safe to assume he wasn’t happy when he learned how Horowitz depicted him. Horowitz must have realized this as well since he issued a formal apology via his Twitter account. He claims he was “mortified” to have caused such offense to Elba.

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