Another Woman Steps Up As A Victim Of Bill Cosby’s Sex And Drugs Scandal


More and more stories are surfacing about Bill Cosby’s inappropriate or abusive sexual behavior. This time we hear from Joyce Emmons, who recalls an incident from the ‘70s.

Emmons used to run a comedy club and was quite close with Cosby. She says that one night in Las Vegas she had a migraine and Cosby gave her a pill, saying it was strong but would definitely cure her headache. The next thing she remembers is waking up in bed in Cosby’s suite with one of Cosby’s friends who hit on her earlier that night. When Emmons confronted Cosby about the drug, he laughed it off, saying it was “just a Quaalude.”

Bill Cosby was always associated with drugs, especially prescription pills, even though no one remembers seeing him high or drunk, he reportedly always had a lot of different pills on him.

So far, Bill Cosby’s lawyers are denying all allegations of rape and slipping pills, dismissing them as “ridiculous.”

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