Anne Hathaway’s Call To Originality


Thirty-three-year-old celebrity actress Anne Hathaway wrote an interesting tweet yesterday that stirred a lot of controversy amongst her followers, as well as her celebrity friends.

Her words“In a world of Kardashians, be a Helena Bonham Carter” echoed quite strongly through the social media community. While some were outraged by this kind of demeaning comment (Kardashian followers, we suspect), others pointed out that Hathaway meant well by trying to point out the significance of being unique and true to yourself in the era of copycats.

The celebrity actresses got to be very close on the shooting of the “Alice in Wonderland” film franchise, and have adopted the sister mentality even off screen (they play sisters in the movies as well). Hathaway obviously admires her fifty-year-old colleague Carter and isn’t afraid to show it, and that admiration was probably what inspired the potentially problematic tweet yesterday.

It is safe to assume, however, that the Award winner had no intention of insulting anyone, but rather wanted to inspire people to look away from all the noise and folly focused on physical appearance and focus on what makes you special within. There are no news about how the Kardashians took to her comment.

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