Anna Wintour Supports Dorchester Hotel Boycott


Vogue U.S. editor Anna Wintour has joined a boycott of the Dorchester hotel chain in protest of the owner’s infamous decision to implement anti-gay laws in his native country.

Anna, who is also artistic director of Conde Nast, therefore, issued a statement to the New York Times, saying she and other editors of Vogue won’t be staying at Le Meurice hotel in Paris, France, which is part of the chain and a favorite for fashion elite.

She told the newspaper via a spokesperson, “While I am sensitive to the potential impact that this issue may have on the wonderful staff at Le Meurice, I cannot in all good conscience stay there, nor can Vogue’s editors.

A representative for Conde Nast also revealed that each of the company’s brands have decided to boycott the hotel chain. Their Glamour editor Cindi Leive added, “I don’t think this is a political issue. This is about basic human rights. No hotel is nice enough for that.

Now Anna has joined personas like Sharon Osbourne, Sir Richard Branson and Jay Leno. They have all refused to stay at the hotels, as a way of showing their protest to the owner, Sultan of Brueni Hassanal Bolkiah, who has adopted a harsh Sharia Law penal code. It calls for homosexuality and adultery to be punished by death.

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