Angelina Says Directing Brad Only Brought Them Closer


Some say that the only thing more difficult than war is marriage – and Angelina Jolie has got them both covered, at least when it comes to the movies she helms. Her directing debut “Unbroken,” a WWII drama will premiere on Christmas Day and her next movie, a marriage drama “By The Sea,” will open next year.

The movie features both Jolie and her hunky spouse Brad Pitt as the main characters, a couple struggling with a crisis in their marriage. Jolie said in a recent interview, when asked about the experience of directing her own husband, that the project has brought them even closer together.

The couple seems to have found a new bliss while doing the movie about a failing marriage. This, of course, was not the first time the two shared the screen – they starred in the 2005 “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” but the subject was more lighthearted and less artistically demanding that time, as Jolie puts it.

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