Andrea And Taylor Swift Are Super Kind To A Girl With Cancer


It’s always heartbreaking to see a young person, let alone a child, fall ill with something as terrible as cancer. Young Taylor Rayburn, who is only 6 years old, got the surprise of a lifetime when her mother, Allison Rayburn, showed up with two tickets to Taylor Swift‘s concert in Atlanta. But it wasn’t until the little girl took her seat and the concert started that the real surprise happened. Taylor Swift’s mother, Andrea Swift, was seated just a few seats away from Taylor and her mom, and when she noticed the 6-year-old, she quickly invited her to sit next to her during a song.

Allison was almost brought to tears as she got her phone out and quickly took a picture of her daughter jamming together with Andrea. After the show, Swift’s mother invited Taylor and Allison backstage to meet the singer, and the two quickly hugged it out in front of the cameras. A wonderful experience for young Taylor, we’re sure, and hats off to the Swift family for their incredible kindness and for thinking of those in need!

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