Andie MacDowell Goes On A Rant After Being Bumped From First Class


Last Friday, actress Andie MacDowell got into a rather unpleasant situation with American Airlines, as she was bumped from first class to what she referred to as “tourist class” because she was travelling with her dog. The infuriated star quickly took to Twitter to let people know about her problem. Here’s what she wrote:

“@AmericanAir HELP I paid for first class & they put me in tourist because of my dog that I pre-booked & paid for”

Twitter was quick to respond. Many criticised MacDowell for her lack of perspective, calling her issue a “first-world problem” and throwing in a few L’Oreal jokes while they were at it. Others weren’t as critical and some even ended up defending her, saying that every passenger should have the right to complain about the service if they didn’t receive what they paid for.

Encouraged by this support, MacDowell pointed out that class warfare has nothing to do with expressing dissatisfaction by not getting something that you paid for.

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