Amy Schumer Wants Everyone To Stop Calling Her ‘Plus-Size’


After Glamour Magazine included her in their special plus-size edition, Amy Schumer took to social media to slam their inappropriate decision. The Trainwreck star shared a picture of the cover on her Instagram profile, saying that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being plus-size but that she doesn’t feel like she belongs to that ‘category.’

Schumer, who has always been positive about her body and encouraged women around the world to embrace the way they look, added that plus-size is considered 16 in America whereas she’s a size 6, sometimes 8. The celebrity comedian slammed the magazine for labeling her plus-size without letting her know that she would be in the edition. Basically, they didn’t even ask her about her opinion on the matter.

After Schumer’s response to Glamour went viral, a spokesperson for the mag told People that they had no intention of offending her. They also said that they never described her as plus-size, including her in the edition simply because she inspires them. Yeah right.

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