Amy Schumer Is Happily In Love Once Again


It seems Amy Schumer’s love life is off to a great start this year! The comedian took to social media on Tuesday to introduce her new significant other Ben Hanisch to the world. Hanisch is reportedly a furniture designer who owns his own company in Chicago.

She uploaded a few photos of Hanisch, herself and her family on Twitter that were taken in the White House. They were all attending President Obama’s speech on gun control. Hanisch also decided to grace his Instagram account with a photo of him and his new girlfriend, captioning it:

“Sometimes in life you get extremely lucky, and the smartest, funniest, most beautiful woman comes along when you least expect it. Here’s to what adventures 2016 brings!”

Needless to say, Schumer was touched and quickly posted a comment on the photo, saying:

“I’m pregnant. I didn’t know how else to tell you.”

Looks like Schumer and Hanisch are well on their way to becoming the cutest couple in 2016! Congratulations!

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