Amber Rose Makes Millions With Her New MuvaMoji App


Amber Rose has decided to follow in the footsteps of her biggest frenemy Kim Kardashian. Wiz Khalifa’s ex-girlfriend has been pretty busy in the past few weeks, preparing for the launch of her new MuvaMoji app.

Thanks to her frequent public appearances and involvement in various celebrity feuds, Rose has not only made a name for herself, she’s also signed a profitable deal with a company that develops mobile apps. According to well-informed sources, the app earned $2 million on its opening day! Even Rose didn’t expect her emojis to be such a success!

Sadly for Amber, some people are accusing her of ripping off Kim’s popular Kimojis. Of course, Rose claims that she didn’t copy Kim’s idea. They are friends now, right? And we do have to be fair and admit that the two ladies have similar tastes, as Rose dated Kim’s husband Kanye West a few years ago.

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