Amber Heard’s “Generosity” Has Surprised Everyone


After last week’s talk about Amber Heard’s spending habits, rumors that she is playing the victim to get as much money possible from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Johnny Depp,  have spread like wildfire. In the attempt to prevent this, Heard decided to take some extreme measures, TMZ reports.

The hearing that will resolve the issue of the temporary restraining order that Heard got against Depp is set for this Friday, but Heard withdrew her claim to spousal support, in order to stop the foul rumors of her going after Depp with domestic abuse charges just to get more money. The celebrity actress and model insists that nothing she’s done has anything to do with money, and she simply wants to make her case of domestic violence known. It’s been a push and pull between the PR stunts of the two celebrities, and nothing seems certain anymore, but Heard trying to look like a saint has raised eyebrows.

This looks like a very calculated move, and interestingly enough, Heard specified she’s not asking for  financial support right now, but made no such promise for the final divorce agreement.

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