Amber Heard Will Testify Against Johnny Depp


According to sources close to Amber Heard, the actress and soon-to-be ex-wife of celebrity A-lister Johnny Depp, she will be taking the stand on Friday during the hearing regarding the restraining order she is asking for.

Heard’s lawyers are currently grilling her and trying to get her ready for the hearing. This is standard procedure – her team wants to prepare her for any possible line of questioning that Depp’s lawyers might want to bring up.

But will Depp be there? Heard has apparently requested his presence by way of a subpoena. However Depp doesn’t have to show up. More likely than not, he will not be at the hearing and will plead the fifth so that he doesn’t have to take the stand.

His legal team will probably want to keep him away, so that he doesn’t potentially hurt his case by taking the stand. Anything he would potentially say during the hearing would also be able to be used during any other phase of the divorce proceedings, so he’s probably going to stay away.

We’ll see what happens on Friday.

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