Amber Heard Was Arrested For Domestic Violence In 2009


As you all probably know, Amber Heard has recently made accusations of assault against her husband Johnny Depp and it looks like this celebrity divorce is about to get messy. But recent news that has come to light could potentially make it even more complicated than imagined.

It turns out that it’s actually Heard, not Depp, who has a history of domestic abuse. According to a report that broke on Tuesday, Heard was arrested in a domestic abuse case back in 2009 for attacking her then-partner Tasya Van Ree.

Heard even appeared in court and had a mugshot taken, so there’s proof! However, the charges ended up being dropped. The prosecutor decided to refrain from moving forward with the case, but added that the charges could still be refiled over the next two years.

Heard and her former flame Van Ree were living in California together at the time. One thing’s for sure, this news is definitely not going to help Heard get what she wants out of the Depp divorce.

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