Amber Heard Misses Deposition


Johnny Depp’s ex just made a big blunder. Just like Tyga yesterday, AmberHeard was supposed to show up to legal proceedings but didn’t.

Depp’s ex-wife was supposed to give her deposition in her domestic violence and divorce case today, but she was nowhere to be found. In fact, she wasn’t even in the country – she’s in London still.

It’s possible that Heard was a little scared of how much she would be attacked by Depp’s legal team. The celebrity actress has claimed that Depp abused her, even though no police officers who were at the scene when she filed her complaint saw any signs of abuse when they arrive.

Or it could mean another thing. Perhaps the two sides are really trying to work towards a settlement so that they can avoid what will no doubt be an ugly divorce case ( However, most reports have claimed that they are still far apart in those negotiations, especially when talking about money.

We’ll have to wait and see what consequences come of Heard ditching the deposition today.

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