Amber Heard Gets Restraining Order Against Johnny Depp


It seems that everything is going to the dogs for Johnny Depp, whose soon-to-be ex-wife Amber Heard has filed a restraining order against him today because the actor allegedly hit her in the face with his phone, reports TMZ.

The actress was seen leaving the court with her lawyer this morning. Witnesses claim that she didn’t look particularly satisfied after exiting the building.

As for the domestic violence restraining order, Depp must stay a hundred yards away from Heard at all times. This seems unnecessary, though, seeing as her allegedly violent spouse is currently promoting his new movie in Europe.

Heard reported the incident to the LAPD but refused to make an official statement that would enable the police officers to arrest Depp on sight. Heard posted photos of her bruised face on Instagram, claiming that she also has videos that could serve as evidence of Depp’s violence. Some people believe that this is nothing but a publicity stunt pulled by Heard and we have yet to hear Depp’s reaction to the entire situation.

Well, the reasons for the couple’s split are becoming more obvious by the minute, that’s for sure. Something is definitely rotten here and only time will tell us exactly what that is.

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