Amanda Bynes Psychiatric Hold Prolonged


A judge has prolonged the psychiatric hold for Amanda Bynes for one more month, after recommendations from her doctor.

The troubled actress was placed on involuntary psychiatric hold last month and she was going to be released this week, however, her doctor decided that she was not fit for release just yet.

According to well-informed sources, Bynes’ doctors plan to continue treatment for an extended period of time after release once the additional one-month hold expires.  Before she was admitted to a psychiatric facility in LA, Bynes was arrested for a DUI.

When the police stopped her, Bynes was evidently under the influence of medication, which was, in all fairness, prescribed to her.

Some other examples of erratic behavior followed and the actress had to be put under involuntary psychiatric care. This is the second time Bynes has to spend time in the psych ward – the first time was last year after she set a stranger’s driveway on fire.

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