Amanda Bynes’ Lawyer Wants $16K for “Saving Her Life”


Amanda Bynes’ lawyer is hitting her up for some additional fees. According to the attorney, Artemio Santiago, he did a lot to help her while she was going through her problems with drug abuse, and basically saved her life. Santiago says that when he was hired by Bynes, he became more than a lawyer. He got her back on her meds and served as an attendant, bringing her personal items to help her cope, such as DVDs, ballet shoes and books.

He is now asking for $16,000 for his efforts. He has officially filed legal documents for the request, claiming that he wa basically the person who saved Bynes life and that he deserves a little something for the work he has done.

There has been no response from Bynes yet, but sources say that her parents are not happy about this and that they are going to blow off Santiago and challenge him in court if need be.

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