Amanda Bynes In Trouble Again

2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Amanda Bynes is one of those people who are by now more famous for their trouble-making than for their actual work.

The regular occupant of gossip columns, the 28-year old starlet was in trouble with the law many times – she has several DUIs and was involved in two hit-and-run incidences, to name just some of them.

As part of her probation, she was placed under temporary custody of her parents but custody ended this month and Bynes moved out and started living on her own. This was probably not a good idea because reportedly was continuing her reckless lifestyle, smoking a lot of marijuana and was not taking her psychiatric medication.

On top of that, on Sunday she was arrested yet again for a DUI, this time on Adderall. This is bad for Bynes, who is on probation for reckless driving, but the family hopes the fact the Adderall was prescribed to her might help.

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