All The Times Quentin Tarantino Was Himself In 2015


Besides being one of the most talented directors in the last couple of decades (even though the quality of his movies hasn’t really been the same since Jackie Brown), Quentin Tarantino has also been one of the most vocal personalities in Hollywood. At times he is entertaining, at times he is shocking and at times he is just annoying. Today, we will be looking at all the times Tarantino did his thing in 2015 – proclaiming his views and sharing his opinions on a number of subjects.

Sometime in August, Tarantino came forward gushing about the Big Man himself, president Obama. He said that Obama was his favorite president ever and that he had been awesome in 2015. Do not get us wrong, we quite like the pres, but that kind of gushing over a person who is basically a politician and thus inherently a jerk is never a sign of intelligence. We expected you to be much more cynical Quentin.

In the same interview that he gave to Vulture back in August, Quentin shared his opinion on what he called “these arty things,” referencing movies like The Town, An Education or Philomena. He didn’t knock them outright, but he did say they would be forgotten before soon. He then went on to praise David O. Russell and his movies. We have to say we agree with Quentin on this one.


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Tarantino also shared his views on True Detective, saying that he tried to watch the first episode of the first season but that he found it too boring for his taste. He then added that Season Two simply “looks awful”. Most people agreed with him so he didn’t get much flack about that one. We quite liked Season 2 if we’re being honest. It was not perfect or anything, but it wasn’t really that bad.

Two of the biggest Tarantino stories of the year came later, with the first one going down in October. Namely, the famous director was one of the celebrities at the Rise Up Rally in NYC and he even went up on the stage to voice his opinions. He was very clear as he called certain members of the police force “murdering cops” and simply “murderers”. Of course, the cops, for some reason, all felt attacked and not long after, the New York police union called for a boycott of his newest movie, The Hateful Eight.

In December, Tarantino visited The Howard Stern Show where he simply proclaimed the following:

“They’re going out of their way to fuck me.”

“They” being the Walt Disney Company. According to the director, Disney blackmailed ArcLight Cinemas into going back on their contract with him which ensured their Cinerama Dome would play The Hateful Eight. Tarantino claimed Disney told ArcLight Cinemas that they would not let them show Star Wars: The Force Awakens in any of their cinemas unless they play it at Cinerama Dome as well.

And there you have it. It’s been quite a year for Tarantino and the rest of us who were treated to some of his trademark antics and opinions.

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