Afroman Knocks Out Woman At Show


Remember Afroman? He had that one hit 15 years ago called “Because I Got High” and then proceed to disappear back into the cloud of weed smoke from which he had arrived. Well, it seems that he still performs every now and then. It’s hard to believe that people still book Afroman, but they do.

The singer, real name Joseph Foreman, was playing a Mardi Gras show in Biloxi, Mississippi that ended after he punched a fan in the face.
A woman came up behind him while he was playing a guitar solo, and Afroman’s first reaction was to turn around and punch her right in the nose. Perhaps it’s the marijuana induced paranoia that made him act the way be did, who knows?
The woman performed a citizen’s arrest and filed assault charges against him. Afroman ended up paying $330 to get out of prison and is awaiting trial. According to police, Afroman was calm and collected and gave them no problems. Because he was high?

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